Moerae Portfolio

Moerae has a portfolio of distinct cell-permeant peptide inhibitors of MK2.The Company’s lead MK2 inhibitor program, MMI-0100, is a first-in-class, rationally-designed, cell-permeant peptide inhibitor of MK2, with a high level of target specificity. MMI-0100 has been shown to inhibit fibrosis and inflammation and/or restore normal tissue architecture in multiple animal models of disease.

Inhaled delivery MMI-0100 is currently in Phase I clinical trials that will support a full development program in IPF and other disorders characterized by fibrosis and inflammation. In the ongoing Phase I program, MMI-0100 has been generally safe and well-tolerated.

Topical delivery of MMI-0100 is also in preclinical development for acute surgical indications (prevention of adhesions, cutaneous scarring and intimal hyperplasia in conjunction with bypass procedures).

Moerae has a portfolio of preclinical-stage MK2 inhibitors in addition to MMI-0100, each with distinct properties. The Company is also developing proprietary platform delivery/formulation technologies (polyplex and nanoparticle) that can extend duration of drug activity and enhance cell penetration properties of peptide therapeutics against intracellular drug targets, including, but not limited to, MK2.